Need for individual subscription plans

I’ve been using Asana for 10 years. I have always used it as a freelancer and for personal use. Because of this, I have no use for a subscription for 2 people, which is the minimum Asana offers right now for 26,98 euros per user per month. I’d be more than happy to pay this amount for myself. But I refuse to pay twice that amount 53,96 euros since no one else would be using the other seat. I just don’t understand why Asana simply doesn’t implement the one user subscription since I’m sure many users have this same need. In 10 years they could have earned 1026,9812=3.237,6 euros from me as a paying client. I have reached out to support to change the subscription system to support my needs multiple times. They keep refusing my money. :frowning: If you would like to see an individual subscription plan implemented, please like this message. Maybe this way we can get their attention. #freelancersunite

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