Asana for personal use - FREE or low cost subscription fee

Is there a use case for creating a version of Asana for personal use?

I purchased Asana 6 months ago to manage work-related projects for my 1-person business and ended up using it more to manage my personal life. Well, actually, it’s more of an integrated, full, total, complete view of all of the activities going on in my life which consists of both business and personal projects. And it allows me to manage my time across all tasks that are on my plate.

I would invite friends and family to join the super user-friendly way to manage your life, but the $60/mo price tag to get the most out of the software is a little steep to justify for personal use. A $5/mo subscription seems reasonable for the individual user.

The most important features for an individual are the task list, projects, and portfolio view (to see a timeline of all projects and do long-term planning). Teams are then a premium feature since you’re managing a personal list.

This is a life-changing tool that has lowered my stress level because I’m able to effectively manage the craziness that is my business and personal life.

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I agree Asana is amazing for personal use. That being said, the current position of Asana is as a team tool. The pricing plan starts at 2 seats. There was an extensive discussion on the topic Please make a Premium Solo Plan

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@Bastien_Siebman thank you for your response! I read some of the comments from the topic Please make a Premium Solo Plan and looks like the freelancers community is willing to pay roughly $10-$15/mo for a solo plan.

Same here. I said $5/mo, but $10 is what most people pay for a basic Netflix plan. People would gladly pay $10/mo for a tool to help manage their life. And it sounds like you’d have many enthusiastic ambassadors for the solo plan. I’d certainly be one :blush:

Thanks again for responding so quickly! Best wishes for future developments in this area.

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