Need a way of blocking people from marking a task complete

Good day team:

We have an entire category of Tasks that we use here at our company (literally, hundreds) that our team must never, ever mark complete. We are a fast growing company and onboarding a lot of new people every month, and inevitably they get confused and mark them complete once in a while, which can cause substantial issues and confusion, lost time digging around trying to find where this mysteriously disappeared task went off to.

Please give us a way to lock a task (and, give us the ability to set this on the Task Template/Project Template) such that ONLY ONE HUMAN can mark that task complete. Or, at least, make it such that you have to dig into the Task’s settings menu to change it.

Essentially, this is the same request that I think a lot people have asked for, to give us the ability to make a “Sticky” task, which cannot be marked complete by anyone except perhaps one power user. Please apply this option also to subtasks.

Someone will inevitably tell me that I should be using a Project instead of a Task for these things, but that’s not an option, Tasks work magnificently for what we’re doing… except for the fact that they get marked complete by accident sometimes.

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Hey @Matt5,

it seems your post can be merged into this feedback request thread?

This might be interesting as well.

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Hey @Matt5

You could add a custom field and mark these tasks as “sticky”
then create a rule that says if a “sticky” task is marked complete to then automatically mark it as incomplete?

Would this help as a workaround?


Becky, I’ll investigate that workaround, that’s a unique approach but I’m not sure that the rules will allow it.

I have a project which I use as a “resource hub” and the tasks are different sections of information. I have a rule in the project that if any of the tasks are marked as complete the automatically get marked incomplete and it works perfectly.

You could just add the extra trigger point of a custom field - hope that helps @Matt5 !!


Yep I am handling it the same way. Depending on the project I am tying the rule to the specific selection of a custom field.

Here is an example:
In our Video Creation Process we have a custom called “Added to the recipe book” with options Yes, No and Not required.

download (5)

It is set by default to no entry, however when somebody tries to mark the task complete without something selected here it will open the task again.
In this project I have a bunch of such custom fields to ensure no step is being missed.

In your case you could add one field that you or somebody else would personally have to update before tasks can be marked complete as Becky also suggested


I wasn’t aware of that “sticky tasks workaround”, that’s a great tip, thanks @Becky_Manson @Andrea_Mayer :raised_hand: