My Tasks > Personal Home Page


I don’t see myself using the Personal Home Page function, is there no way to make My Tasks the default? This threw me and all my coworkers off this morning.


Currently, rhe best options here are to use a bookmark to go directly to My Tasks or to use the Asana shortcut Tab-Z.


I tack back and forth between 3 workspaces during the day. Every change, I need to nav back to “My Tasks” (what I care about the most). It would be awesome to see the system remember the previous view or allow to set a start location for each workspace (Home, My Task, Dashboard, Inbox etc.). My 2cents.



A “Hack” to choose your preferred landing page would be more useful than a flying unicorn.


Came here with the same question… Would really love the ability to “pin” or set “My Tasks” as my master or default page when toggling between workspaces. I toggle between my professional workspace and personal workspace daily and use “My Tasks” as my master page, accessing projects as needed from the sidebar. The homepage doesn’t really serve a purpose to me given the sidebar is right there–it honestly feels like an extra step you have to go through for no reason. I love the fact that the app works the way I want it to and really wish the desktop client did, too, as it’s what I’m using during the workday.


The “Home” page should really be a “Projects” page if you think about it…


It’s still an unnecessary extra click though, so not really any better than having to click “My Tasks” on the sidebar every time you toggle between workspaces if you think about it. The issue to begin with is having to go through an extra navigation step to begin with so creating a bookmark doesn’t really improve anything.