How do I consolidate my homepages or whatever they are?

Every time I log in, I’m brought over to an Asana workspace which includes just personal stuff. I then have to click into another workspace to get to my work-related items. How can I make my business page the default, or delete the personal one? I’m annoyed enough by this that I’m now looking into alternatives, as it seems like the only way to get out of this is to delete Asana altogether and move to a new provider.

Hi @Gila_Halleli, thanks for reaching out! At the moment, by default you’ll be logged into the last space that you logged out of (to your My Tasks list).

If this isn’t happening for you, it’s likely you’re accessing Asana via a bookmark that’s set to a particular space or project. I’d recommend logging in via, and resetting your bookmark.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile: