My Tasks list when sorted by Due Date has "Past due" collapsed as default…would prefer it expanded

Hi there,
I think this must be a new update or test: suddenly my “My Tasks,” when sorted by due date, has time-related section headers added to it automatically. I like that, but for some reason the “Past due” section at the top is collapsed by default. These are generally my most “need to do” tasks, but for various reasons, I can’t do them yet, and I don’t want to change the date on them yet.

It seems counter-intuitive to have tasks that are behind schedule also made invisible by default. IMO this would lead those tasks to be missed or forgotten about, and pushed even further behind. I’m also frustrated by the seeming fact that I can’t adjust anything to not have that section collapsed. Every time I click to a different project, and then back to My Tasks, it’s collapsed. Does anyone know how to change this?

Thank you!


Hi @anon87690032,

I think this is something that was added with Asana’s new “Group by” function for My Tasks. I would recommend editing this post slightly and converting it to a product feedback post type.


Thank you, looks like someone has already moved and edited it for me! I hope this change can be made! :slight_smile:

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Plus 1 not sure why this is the only group that is collapsed by default. very confusing. it should retain state if opened or closed by user

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Plus 1. Overdue tasks are some of the most needed to be completed, but they get “hidden” so it’s easier to miss them.

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Same. So annoying. Why developers think that reducing functionality enhances a product is a mystery!

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Agreed that the Past Due section should never be auto-collapsed, that’s where all the most important tasks live. It should be collapsible, yes, but not auto-collapse on open.


Agreed. Glad I’m not the only one

Piling in here. I was searching online to look for a solution - its a very odd decision for this and only this section to auto collapse. These are the most urgent tasks and they’re missed more easily since their tasks aren’t visible unless we uncollapse the section.

A terrible update that is antithetical to task completion and thus to Asana as a platform. I thought after a week or so it would be reverted but it still seems to be a present issue. Can we please get a fix on this?

+1. Please change this. agree with zach, makes no sense these are the most important tasks.

The Past Due tasks get automatically hidden! If anything, these should turn just bold and red.

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Can you elaborate please where this is happening?
Is it in My Tasks or a project?

Also have you checked your rules already? As potentially a rule is moving tasks. Or maybe you have a specific filter view saved?


Oh I see it is under My Tasks collapsed by default it seems.

Since there is an existing feedback request about this topic I have merged your post. Don‘t forget to upvote there (Click on „vote“ at the top of the thread.)

Also having this problem. Try this workaround: In the top right of your “My Tasks” page, select “Incomplete Tasks” (to show only incomplete tasks); then under “Group by”, select “None”; and then under “Sort”, select “Start Date”. This seems to sort all incomplete tasks by the due date, with the most overdue task the first on the list.
Screen Shot 2023-07-11 at 5.10.33 PM

Thanks for this work around @Flavia_Vehbiu! Very helpful for the interim, although I hope they still fix the default collapsed view when grouped by due date.