My Changes Keep Reverting



Adding my voice here, definitely a bug that needs a fix ASAP.


It’s not a feature. Please fix it.

OSX 10.14.2
Chrome 71.0.3578.98


Hi all, sorry for the troubles!

Yes, we’re seeing an issue on our side. Our web client performs “optimistic updates” - it appears to change as you type or change things in the web client, but it really syncs in the background to save to our databases. Without going into too much detail as to what happened to get into this state, this sync system is having trouble which is effectively “pinning” things in Asana even though they look like you’re changing them. (Disclaimer: I’m not on the team that’s working the problem, so I don’t have full details, but yes, there is something going on and we’re aware of it!)

We’re working on it! Stay tuned for updates.

Each time I assign a task a user and due date its deleting the due date and wont save. It also is deleting any notes
Task titles aren't saving
My Changes Keep Reverting
Changes to description field and project tasks are not saving today

Thanks @Matt_Bramlage from providing an update…



Thank you, Matt!

Eagerly awaiting updates on the progress of this!


Same here! Looks correct on Android, and in the task notes, but date changes are not “holding”. I was able to assign the date (finally) to “Today”, but now I cannot delete or mod the date to the actual of 2/7/19. Had a similar issue with task conversations not “holding”. I would type, hit “Comment” and the comment would disappear without posting.


Hey all, an update: we think we found what’s happened. Part of the reason this was difficult to pin down was we had a brief period of time where this problem would happen and if you were “lucky enough” to make changes in that window you became really stuck, even after the issue passed - yet other Asana users were fine, which means we didn’t want to do anything drastic :scream_cat:

We’re working on the recovery process right now and over the next few hours you should start to get full access back to Asana as we clean things up over here. Sorry again about halting your workflow!

From this point, the best place to follow along is where we’ve updated our production status and will keep it up to date as we recover. Thanks!


Thanks again @Matt_Bramlage!

We were really stressed out about this, but we appreciate the updates.


We edit the field.
Changes revert.
I think there is a server issue or bug occurring today.


Seeing now that if we delete tasks in a project, they pop back up.
So it’s not just description updates. Something else wacky is going on.


For anyone watching this thread… Asana support by email has confirmed this is a bug and is being worked on right now.



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@David_Jaramillo refer here
Comments deleting, due dates not saving

They are aware of this and are actively working on it.