Due dates reverting to old dates

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When trying to update dues dates for two of my overdue tasks, they keep reverting to the original due date after a few seconds.

Steps to reproduce:
From the list view click to update date on an overdue tasks
Change date to a date & time in the future
Click on another task
Watch the due date revert to the original overdue date

Browser version: Chrome Version 112.0.5615.49 (Official Build) (arm64)

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)?
Business organization - Plan renews on 15/03/24

Upload screenshots below:

Can you make sure you don’t rules applying to those tasks? Can you open that task and look at the history of the task: does it say what changed the date back?

I’ve had the same issue but it’s a different field (not due date). I think we have the similar/or same bug. Not just me but it has happened to my colleague as well - we use different browser versions (mine is Firefox and hers is desktop app).

Hi @Jenny_Han sorry to hear that you are running into issues. As your case is in a different field, we’d need some additional information in order to troubleshoot. Can you share a step by step? Also, does the issue persist in an incognito window?

Step by Step

  1. Go to my project
  2. Click the Status field
  3. Select an option
  4. It automatically reverts to the previous option

I’m not sure if it persists in an incognito window - I, myself haven’t seen it.

Hey team, thank you for your response. I have checked and there are no conflicting rules that may be causing the date to change. However, the issue now it has become more random, with the dates changing randomly to be over two days one day prior or more, or a single day at a different date.

I have recorded the bug in action here: video1588433221.mp4 - Google Drive

Can you help please?! This is messing up all our planning.

Hey @Rubi_Segura,

Checking into our data, I can see that your organization is using our Flowsana integration, which I think is the source of the date changes you’re seeing. You don’t have Flowsana enabled in the project you show in your video, but you do have it in at least one other project where I can see tasks are multi-homed into.

It’s best for us to continue the discussion in our Flowsana support system so we don’t usurp the Asana forum. Please send an email to support@flowsana.net and reference me and this thread, and we can definitely pick up the matter there.

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Thank you @Phil_Seeman, taking a quick look at the task on my end, I can back up what you’ve said. I’ll close this thread since it’s not a bug, but @Rubi_Segura, let me know if there’s anything I can do for you :slight_smile:

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