Muting notifications in some cases by api

How can I mute notifications by api

Hi @Abdulghani_Al-Ameri and welcome to the forum,

In general that type of capability isn’t available in the API. But please be more specific as to which notification(s) you’re referring to - there are a lot of different notifications which occur in Asana!

Depending on what you’re specifically looking to mute/stop, there might be some help available in the API.

Hi @Phil_Seeman
i need to mute all notifications
when employee has leave for some days i want to mute all that notifications till leave end over

There are no API endpoints that deal with notifications per se, so I’m afraid that’s not really something you can do via the API.

You could perhaps indirectly stop notifications by temporarily removing a user from projects, teams, etc. but I think that’s a bad solution; it would probably have a number of side effects that you wouldn’t want.

What about set out of office option ?
Is it possible to set it via api?
This option is exist in settings of user account

No, sorry, not available via the API. See this thread: