Muti-Homing within Templates

We have over time created a number of templates for use when we on-board a new residential real estate development, i.e. Architecture, Design, Construction, Project Management, etc. There are tasks that are unique to each project, but we’'re trying to eliminate redundancy, and now manually multi-home those tasks which should be linked across projects…say “appliance selection” starts in Design, but should be shown in Architecture and Construction. This requires us to do a lot of manual work, deleting, multi-homing, etc

Can anyone suggest best practices on how to do this? We’d like to set up multi homed tasks in one template that link to the same task in the separate template such that when we duplicate all templates for the new project, the task are already multi-homed between projects.

Appreciate anyone’s suggestions and experience in this regard.


Hello @Chris_Harris2,

see point 8 in this post: Project templates V2: what we gain, what we lose

With Asana project templates v2 that does not seem to be possible yet.

And here is the relevant feedback request thread:

So if you want to use the v2 template feature then I don‘t think there is a way around it at the moment.
Keeping specific projects just named as templates would allow for this but is not recommended because then you lose all the template features which defeats the purpose.

However what you could also do is working with rules so as soon as a project is created from a template they trigger the multi-homing.


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