Multi-homing a parent task and subtask in same Project not working for new Task Templates

Using Asana, web version, Chrome, Windows.

Problem: When converting a task with subtasks into a Template wherein the subtasks are homed in the same project as the parent tasks, that multi-homing is removed when the Task Template is created.

This has forced me to create a Project all by itself that serves no other purpose except to launch these task templates so that all the subtasks land in the right spot.

Strangely, if the subtasks are also homed in other projects that the parent task is NOT homed in, those are retained. But if the parent task exists in the same project, that homing won’t work.

To recreate:

  1. Create a task with a subtask.
  2. Make sure both the parent and the subtask are homed in the same project.
  3. Convert task to template.
  4. Launch this template.

The subtask will not be homed in the same project as the parent task.

I think if you open the Task Template itself and investigate, you’ll see this same thing without having to launch it.

Hi @Matt5 thanks for flagging this, and apologies for the trouble. I’ve been able to replicate this behavior on my end, so I’ve escalated the case for investigation. I’ll get back to you as soon as I have updates.

Hi @Matt5, I’ve just heard back from our Developers, and they have confirmed that, at this time, the behavior is expected and not a bug. However, they have logged your feedback as an opportunity for improvement and hope that this can be changed in a future update. Thanks again for flagging this!

That’s an unfortunate change. There are several things that Asana has changed lately that do not make sense to me and make me question whether Asana is the right product for us. As soon as we get GOOD at using the features, they change the way it behaves and makes that feature very frustrating to use.

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@Vanessa_N - I hope you or somebody will help push them to think through why that change was necessary. It worked properly before, as Matt said, and I can’t possibly understand a reason why users would want a template task to NOT behave exactly as the user designed it.

If a user multi-homes the subtasks, and then converts to a template, any user would expect that the template would mirror exactly the way they built the source task.

I’m really sorry for the inconvenience this change has caused, @Bryan_TeamKickstart and @Matt5, I’ve passed your feedback on to our Developers. I do hope this can be brought back in the future :pray:

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Thanks for your help, @Vanessa_N

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