Can Task Template parent tasks and subtasks not live in the same project now?

So, I have two versions of a Task Template. The old version works “correctly”. The new version doesn’t. They are nearly identical. Something recent has changed with the way Asana saves task templates. It seems that if you convert a Parent Task into a task template, and the subtasks therein are also in the same Project as the parent task, they get removed from it when they become a Template. This is killing me!

The old version has a bunch of subtasks in it that are homed into the same project as the parent task, and this old version was created months ago. This works correctly when launched.

Out of necessity, I had to create a new version of it because it needed more subtasks. Now, this new version will not save properly with all the subtasks homed in the same project as the parent task. Even if I’m TRIPLE cautious to make sure all the subtasks are homed in the same project, when I click “convert to template”, NONE of the subtasks get saved in the parent’s home project, despite knowing that they were before I converted it to a template.

The old version still launches properly. So apparently whatever has changed only affects new task templates.

How can I get this back? I can still launch the old version, but it will lack the new tasks I need.

In case it makes sense to explain what I’m doing here, I launch this Task Template so that I can get a string of related subtasks that all have relative due dates and dependencies. They ALL need to show up in the same project together so that I can fine-tune their schedule on Timeline View. The Parent Task (the task template) is just a husk, it gets marked completed as soon as it’s created. This is the only way I know how to get a string of tasks with relative due dates in the same project all at once, with dependencies built it.

It worked GREAT up until recent days/weeks.

Very strange, @Matt5. I just came across your post, and I’m experiencing the same thing you described.

What’s even more strange is that subtasks that are multi-homed into OTHER projects DO retain that multihoming when converted to a template task.

Anyway, seems like an unwanted behavior and I can’t see any reason it would be an intentional removal. Hopefully, they fix it.

In the meantime, just in case you weren’t aware, you can go into the template task in the customize menu, open up each subtask, and then use the keyboard shortcut TAB+P to manually add that template subtask to another project, including the one you are currently in. Takes a little more time, but at least you can still preserve the way you are using these template tasks.

@Matt5 and @Bryan_TeamKickstart, If you haven’t already, please add a post in Report a Bug to be sure this is looked at.

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Done. However it’s getting hard to know the difference between a bug, and a good idea that just got whacked.