Multiple users collaborating/editing status updates

We are using the Asana Portfolio Status Updates to report portfolio statuses to the EMT. A Portfolio PM typically prepares the status update, but once posted only the preparer can edit it. Is there a way that multiple users can edit, or can contribute to the status update? It seems that if one user is preparing an update, others can’t see their in-process status update or contribut to it. Then, when posted, only the one who posted it can edit it. Thanks!

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Hi @Mike_Jenkins, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

At this time, only one user can edit a status update and it is not possible to have multiple users collaborating at the same time.

That said, I’m going to move this post to #productfeedback so folks in the community can upvote it and so our developers can get a better look at the needs of our members :slight_smile:

Hi @Mike_Jenkins

Collaborators should be able to comment on the posted status.

Best practice would be for the project owners to give their status, then the portfolio owner pull from those to add to the portfolio progress.

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