Send status updates as draft's for approval before posting.


In the past few months at my company, we have begun using the Status Update feature for projects, portfolios and soon we will begin using it for goals too.

What we are lacking is the ability to share a draft of the summery with a manager/colleague before it gets posted. there are scenarios were summaries are sent to a large audience, and need to be reviewed for approval before being posted. In other cases, questions regarding the details arise and sharing for review could help shorten the time to post and help with the confidences that the details are accurate. Another scenario (mostly for portfolio updated) could be that multiple project owners need to update their section of the post instead of tasking one person with writing/gathering it all on his/her own.

While the Status Update feature is smart enough to allow an individual user to draft an update and save it in case it takes more than one sit down to write it, the feature does not allow viewing of the draft from another users account. This defiantly makes scene from a general point of view, but it would be useful if there was a “share draft for approval”, with a reject/approve button and/or a “share draft for review” with view_comment_only/edit options.

Does anybody else find themselves in this situation? Does anybody else find this Idea useful?
It would be great if this would enter the product pipeline.

Thank you,

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Great idea, you’ve got my vote! Don’t forget to vote yourself :wink:

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