Multiple forms feeding into one "inbound queue"

I’m looking for a way to have multiple forms that collect different information based on what is needed for a particular project.

I want these forms to be submitted into one “inbound queue” for a traffic manager to be able to intake, digest and then put into various projects.

Is there a way this can currently be done? Or would this be a new feature?

you can set up a rule to add/move a task to another project.

You cannot have more than one form per project

You cannot have one form submission kick-off another form request

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Thank you for your response. Can you share how to setup a task to move to another project?

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It is a Rule action.

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Hey @Stephanie_Mutzman,
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You might also be also be interested in upvoting this thread: Allow to have multiple forms attached to the same project :smiley:

@Andrea_Mayer Thank you I have upvoted the thread you indicated. This really would be a HUGE help in how our team works in Asana.

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Hi @Stephanie_Mutzman,

You might also want to take a look at item F14 here for further discussion and workarounds on this topic:

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