Grayed out "add form" button

I only have one form in our News Content Calendar project. I was hoping to add at least 3 more so that they can serve various tasks and be assigned to different people but the “add form” button seems to be grayed out. I am wondering if @Rebecca_McGrath or @Yvette_Granados can offer some insights?

Hi @Jelena, welcome to the Asana Community forum :wave:

It is currently only possible to add 1 form per project. I suggest upvoting this thread if this is something you’d like to see in the future → Allow to have multiple forms attached to the same project

We’ll keep you updated in this main post if we have any news :slight_smile:

Thanks, Rebecca. I wish the feature existed as it seems like something that would make a lot of sense. I did add my vote, thanks for pointing me to the other user’s original suggestion.

@Jelena - There’s a very usable workaround for this. You can create unlimited forms that will all automatically send the form submissions to any specific project. I have one Asana client where we set up 8 different forms that all send their submissions to a single project.


  1. Create a separate project for each form.

  2. Set up an automation (an “Asana Rule”) to send all new tasks to your destination project, the project where you want the submissions to land.

-----i. Create Custom Rule:

-----ii. Trigger: “Task Added +To this Project”

-----iii. Action: +Add to Another Project

  1. Make the projects private where you built all these other forms (so that people don’t get confused about where to go to see the submissions).

  2. Share the form links with your team.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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For other workarounds, you can also see item F14 here:

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