Creating & sharing forms from within a project

  1. After completing creation of a form within a project, is there a way to have the form show up in the project page? I would like to see the form displayed on the project page where I created it.
  2. Is there a way to create more than 1 form within a project? Does another project need to be created just to create a second, similar form?

Hello @Dario_Miranda welcome to the Asana Community :smiley:

  1. You can find the form you created under the customized section: Forms • Asana

  2. Correct currently you can only create one form per project. As a solution you can just set up some Asana projects that will be used for more forms. And then set up rules that trigger when a task is created based on a form submission.
    This rule can then have the task added to your relevant project in the relevant section. And you can also automatically assign it, add comments and much more with rules:
    Rules • Asana

Hope that helps!

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