Multiple event scheduling


We’ll have several boards that will include campaigns, outdoor events or marketing promos.
The majority of those will have multiple occurrences/happenings, and their due date will be treated as execution date.

Now, we can’t really afford to create a new copy of a task for each occurrence of each event, as those are added or changed very dynamically.

How can we make a single board task appear multiple times in the calendar?
For instance: Park Promo

  • 22 August
  • 29 August

We need the Park Promo to appear in the calendar on 22th and 29th August.

What I tried was to create subtasks with due dates, but those don’t actually show in the calendar unless I assign them to the project first, which makes them end up on the board anyway, just as if I created the copies of the task in first place. That’s not OK.

Recurring tasks don’t work for us there either, as neither our events are spaced out in time regularly, nor can we see all occurrences of them at once.

I welcome your ideas. Thanks.


Until Asana adds more support for this kind of situation, two workarounds are:

  • Make the subtasks members of an “Ignore This” column (in the same project) that you push to the far right out of the way as much as possible

  • Make the subtasks members of another project and only use that project’s calendar for your calendar view; you won’t have to worry about the subtasks cluttering up your main board this way.


@ipb It’s not about ignoring the column, it’s about having to create a task or a subtask anyway, for each separate date. It can be even 120-150 dates (subtasks) each month and several members would have to access that board.
This is going to be very messy.

I know this has been discussed numerous times, and I know this is not the feedback place, but:
since the subtasks are linked to the task linked to the board, we should have an option to make the subtasks appear in the calendar of that board.

Even in the view of the subtask it shows us the board of the task it’s linked to. Let it act under that board without having to be placed on it.

Appreciate your time but neither of the two of your suggestions are the workarounds for the problem at hand.

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