Moving tasks from "Today" to "Upcoming" or "Later" doesn't record task story


That last screenshot wouldn’t work because it appears the task was never assigned to someone. So it couldn’t show up in a Today section as those are only in people’s individual My Tasks areas.

With respect to your original post and Marie’s question, you can tell the task was in later by the icon I’ve circled:

My own experience is that any time I move things to later, it’ll come back up in Today on the due date I set. I do this all the time for tasks I don’t want to see again until that day comes. It’s always worked.

Nothing jumps out to me as being set up wrong. The only things I can think of that stand out as different from what I usually do is your tasks start out unassigned. I’m typically creating tasks from My Tasks as opposed to the “+” at the top of the screen (or whatever the shortcut is, I can’t recall).

Maybe before you go home, try creating a task from your My Tasks:

And another from the Orangish-Pink +:

Put them both in the project in your screenshots.
Assign yourself to the one created from the +.
Set the due date for both to tomorrow

See if they end up in your Today section the next day.

@Marie, as I was playing around with my settings I noticed something that might make this difficult to troubleshoot. Marking different statuses of Today, Upcoming, and Later no longer seems to be reliably adding notes to the task stories about the changes. That might make troubleshooting this more difficult. I noticed this because you can see notes now that say “X has unmarked today” which isn’t something I recall seeing before and it’s not an action you can even do as a user that I’m aware of (once you mark something, I don’t think you can put it back to the “New Tasks” area, which is what this task story seems to imply). I recall I used to see the notes like “X marked Today” or “X marked Later”, etc. So I tested some more.

I took a task I currently have in Later (denoted by icon next to my name in ‘Assigned To’):
Note it has the same weird message that I “unmarked it for today” back in June and nothing about me marking it for Later.

Then I mark it for “Today” with TAB+Y (now shows the ‘star’ icon by my name and it’s added in the task story below):

You can see the task story is added stating I’ve marked it for today.

Next I mark it for “Upcoming” with TAB+U (Verifiable by the ‘O’ that’s now next to my name):

Note that now all the task stories are gone leaving only the one from June again.

I move it back to “Later” with TAB+L (verified by the Calendar looking icon next to my name):

I did confirm the task was moving through the sections in “My Tasks” as well.

Finally I decided to see what happens if I put comments in between comments to try and force updates of the task stories while moving the task between Today, Upcoming and back to Later:

Sorry for hijacking the thread, but given I’m not sure how much we can learn here due to this behavior with task stories, I figured I’d point it out.

Feel free to split my stuff off and drop it somewhere else.

Overdue tasks not showing up in Today's tasks

Not at all @RyanE; your point is completely valid, I just played with it myself and noticed the same thing. I will enquire about this behaviour with the team and will let you know as soon as I find out!


Hi @RyanE and apologies for the late follow-up!

I’ve done a little more digging into this and I can confirm this is actually an expected behavior. When moving a task back and forth between the “Today”, “Upcoming” and “Later” section on the same day, Asana will only keep the last story; and if that last is the very same than the initial one, you won’t even get a record of all your changes. With that said, if you make any changes the next day, you should see these modifications in your tasks story. Here is a test I made that illustrate this behavior:

I agree that “Marked/unmarked Today” can be a little confusing though; hopefully this is something we can improve in the future. I’ll make sure to keep you posted next time we make changes in this regards. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot @Marie. It would be nice if it was more particular and just tracked the mark you did (i.e., Marked Today, Marked Later, etc.) but just having it defined a bit more is nice. I appreciate it!