How to Un-Mark Today/Upcoming/Later



I have marked all of “My Tasks” as either Today/Upcoming/Later. But now I just want them to be un-marked so I can organize them into different sections of my own such as Urgent/Waiting on Client/Not Started etc… How do I un-mark them so they don’t say either today/upcoming/later?



In the MyTasks you can create sections within the Today/Upcoming/Later.
Then if you store all your tasks in Today for instance, you create sections inside the Today such as Urgent/Waiting on Client/Not Started etc…

Or you can create your own project where you classify all your tasks the way you want.



Questions was how to UNMARK task. And I have the same question. Is it possible to unark task or task is marked forever?


EDIT: Just discovered workaround: unassign from task and assign again. This is not a good way but it works.


Hi @Radoslaw_Mazurek

You can sort My Tasks by due date, which removes Today, Upcoming and Later, then you can create whatever sections you want from there.


@Radoslaw_Mazurek thanks so much, your solution worked!


Hi @Radoslaw_Mazurek - Another quick tip which may be useful for you is utilizing the multi-select feature! This will allow you to assign a common due date, custom field, task assignee, etc. to all selected tasks. Here is an article which will explain this in more detail :slight_smile: