Move the position of the "Clear all" button in quick filters

I believe everyone including @lpb will agree with me: this “Clear all” button is a very bad UX decisions.

Today I saw a client click on it twice, thinking it was a way to “validate” their filters. Because that’s where you put a submit/validate button!

CleanShot 2023-08-21 at 17.29.53

Please re-consider…

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I’m not ready to call it a bad UX decision, but I agree it would be nice to see if it could be improved, especially based on the usability “test” you just witnessed (sample size = 1).

Autosave dialogs like this pose a challenge. In past years, I recall seeing notes about how save is happening automatically, and nowadays there are fewer of those as people are more familiar with the paradigm.

I wonder what usability testing Asana did and what the results were? I wonder if they tried other positions for the Clear all button, other affordances, or considering a disabled/informational “Auto-saved” button just to its right, or otherwise?



Agree with this
Actually noticed this as well with some team members.
And yes many people are not aware that it automatically saves what you filter.

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Thanks all for sharing your feedback! I have updated the title to reflect the request, which is to improve the Clear all button in quick filters. I would love to learn where do you think the Clear all button should be placed. Please feel free to share your thoughts in this thread and I will pass them on to our product team.

I note that its current location is consistent with this other dialog that has a Clear All button:

except in that case, there’s no border around the button so it feels less like a “submit” type of button.

So perhaps it could stay where it is but have the same UI as the date dialog Clear All (no border); that would not only (I believe) help this issue but also would keep consistency among dialogs.

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That’s funny I never realized! You are right, not sure people make the mistake on this view…

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Since the (more recent) introduction of the ‘X’ on the filter (and sort) button itself, I feel this ‘Clear all’ button is now perhaps a bit redundant, although still useful in case the ‘X’ in not intuitive enough for some.

I agree with @Phil_Seeman that losing the border wouod make it more in line with the due date dialog box.