make the search box consistent again!

a recent change in Asana changed the search box depending if you in a saved search or not.
when in a saved search, it switches automatically to advanced search, so that you can revise the saved search:

I kind of get the idea behind this, but this makes the search shortcut inconsistent and I am permanently cursing this new feature.
a) how often do you need to revise a saved search? I mean, it’s saved for a reason…
b) a common UI element shouldn’t change it behaviour depending on where you are in a program
c) most of the time, you use the search bar for a global search, especially, as the normal behaviour is quite intelligent search-as-you-type and the “revise/advanced search” ist not.
d) I myself are almost alway in some kind of saved search, so I basically have no search bar anymore (I need to click to home and then search…)

I think “revise search” belongs to the three dot menu at the saved search itself (I can’t post more than one screenshot here…) and the search box should consistently be the “quick search” we are used to…

Hi @perler,

Different UI is rolled out to my different organizations/workspaces, but for most, it’s “Filter” that works to revise the saved search. The search bar is always available for starting a new search.

I guess Asana is testing several designs already. I hope this “Filter” comes to your space soon.