User option to set and save default search filter criteria

As a user within a large corporation our Asana instance has many teams defined. The large number of teams makes searching less productive as results from many teams appear. I know I can configure search each time to filter on specific teams. Over numerous searches however, this number of configure steps isn’t practical. As a user, I’d like the ability to configure and save my default search filter criteria so that I can avoid having to configure ‘advanced search’ each time.

Hi @Randy_Boutin1 when you do an advanced search is Asana you can use the starred icon (star at the top) to save that search to the bar on the left.

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Yes, but I understand that starring a search only saves a specific search, including the search terms. I don’t believe I can easily recall my advanced filters to conduct subsequent searches.

I’d like to ‘star’ my combined search filters so that I can easily use new search terms that leverage those filters. In my case, I’m trying to easily search within my Asana team. It currently takes many clicks (and a sub-search) to select my Asana team search filter.

@Randy_Boutin1 - when you save a search, if you click the “Filter” button on the results screen, it should open the search bar with all your criteria pre-filled. It’s difficult to remove criteria (i.e., if your search includes a custom field, you can’t simply remove that criterion), but you can alter/add them pretty simply and save the result as a new search.

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Thanks Stephen. That’s a reasonable work-around. I saved a general search filtered by my team. With it I can use your suggestion to add further search criteria.

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