Making an added advanced search function permanent (such as a custom field)

I have recently added a custom field that will become vital for our team in terms of locating projects. I understand Asana doesn’t search these by default (though I wish it did). In Advanced Search I can tell Asana to search this field – but I have to go through the processes each and every time I search of telling Asana to look at that field.

A feature of adding a search function and making it a permanent part of my default search would be an incredible help for me and my team (and I imagine others out there as well). That way we only have to go through the process of telling Asana that we want to search that field one time. Not every time.

Example (new step in bold): I go to … search—> Advanced Search —> Add Filter —> Add Field —> (pick desired field) —>Select to make permanent part of search (like a selection box).

Hi @Matt_Bleicher and welcome to the community :wave:t2:

A suggested and practical solution I found by @lpb in another post, and hopefully it will help you, is this: after you make the advanced search, you can star the search and add it to your starred projects. This way, your team can click on it directly and find it easily!

Hope that helps!


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Thank you! I am happy to be part of this community!

For the search - this is a very cool function and will help in other ways – however not this specific case.

We have assigned unique numbers to tasks in a custom field. Asana won’t search that field unless I select this custom field in Advanced search. Saving the search only results in taking the searcher to the specific task number I inputted (such as Task# 14531) - but doesn’t seem to have a way to alter that search so they can locate other tasks.

So what I really need is to add that field in advanced search for everyone - so they don’t have to do it each time (or have Asana start searching fields - which would be the ideal solution).

Hi @Matt_Bleicher , I think the best thing you could do at this point, so that searching tasks is easier for you and everyone else in your team, is to reconsider your task naming convention; to essentially append your 5-digit number at the start (or end) of your task names.

This will make them searchable by even using Basic search.

You could also use Flowsana to automatically rename all tasks (past and future) by adding your 5 digit code from your relevant custom field, so you could keep both methods, goind forward (5-digit code in task name and custom field).

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