Move Subtask Dates with Task on Timeline

Hello! I have a task with 3 levels of subtasks. There are due dates/date ranges on the task and the first 2 levels of subtasks. In timeline or Gantt view, you are only able to expand up to the 1st level of subtasks. You can only move what is visible on the timeline/Gantt view. So if I expand the task and select everything, I can move it all, and the date ranges for the task & 1st level subtasks update as expected. However, if I go into the 2nd level subtasks, the dates are unchanged.

I found a way to expose the 2nd level subtasks in Gantt view, but it’s not ideal. If you assign the 1st level subtasks to the same project, you can then expand both that as well as the parent task and move everything. In timeline view, expanding the parent task seems to hide the subtask that’s been re-added to the same project, so moving everything takes 2 steps. In addition to that, you’re now left with another task floating around in your views.

My requests:

  • If a parent task is moved, all its subtasks (recursive) move with it (whether or not they’re selected/revealed)
  • If a subtask is moved, the parent is unaffected, but like above, any subtasks it has will update their dates accordingly
  • I’d like the ability to expand farther than 1 level of subtasks in timeline/Gantt view
  • “Nice to have”: If a subtask is moved outside its parent’s date range, the parent’s dates automatically “expand” to accomodate

The use case, if that’s informative:

  • 1st level subtasks are each handled by different teams in series. Once the 1st subtask is completed, the next team can begin working on the 2nd subtask.
  • parent task is assigned to manager to oversee progress of task across all teams

Thanks for any help!