More Rules for Premium

All the automatic assignee options are behind this paywall. It makes the form almost useless for some of my projects and the adoption by my team more difficult, as I have to require more “work about work” from them, which was not the promise behind going into Asana.

I tried really hard to get my company to try Asana and to do so we went with the premium plan, and it was already difficult to accept from my boss to pay, we are a small company.

To get my colleagues on board, it’s also quite frustrating to ask them to “check the project for new tasks and then assign them to whoever and then move them to the correct section” when I could automate all this with actions and forms features that are behind the paywall.

Imo, the automatically assign a collaborator and/or a field in the form to choose who will be assigned to the task should be in the premium plan. It would help so much with the adoption of the product…

Right now I feel like I’m fighting everyday with my team to use Asana and not just Slate.

Sorry, I had to vent :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @Giyomu, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback.

At this time, the custom Rule builder is available to Business and Enterprise users only. There is a subset of Rules available to Premium user, however. Check these out below:

  • Move to column/section > Mark complete
  • Mark complete > Move to column/section
  • Custom Field changed > Move to column/section
  • Move to column/section > Set Custom Field
  • Custom Field changed > Mark Complete
  • Mark Complete > Set Custom Field

I’ll keep you updated if any additional Rules are added for Premium users :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion @Giyomu.
I hear this frustration a lot from some clients of mine, but I must say, after explaining the other features included in the Business plan, they usually upgrade to have access to the rules and to all the other features as well. That would be my first option. If this is not an option, try Flowsana or Zapier or some of the other automation integrations,

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