More options for Email Notifications



To chime in here, the feature I would really like to see is the ability to group notifications into one daily or weekly digest email.

My team is particularly frustrated when new projects are created, tasks are assigned to them, and they get dozens of email notifications saying a task has been assigned to them. This is a very annoying way to be introduced to Asana.

There is currently no way to turn off “task assignment” email notifications without asking the user to temporarily disable all emails, and that is not a good workaround. Asana either needs to add daily/weekly digest emails OR allow users to choose when to notify someone by email (for example: when I assign a task, I can choose whether to do the email notification).

PLEASE look into this! It is difficult for my team to want to keep using Asana when their first interaction with it results in dozens of email notifications.


My suggestion is to do it similar to Slack. When you are inside the ASANA app or web (should always be open :slight_smile: ). You see if someone has added anything to a project in the project list by highlight the project text. This togeter with the notification spesific to you would solve many things. Remember, Asana, you want us to stop using Email so why email notification :slight_smile:

In relation to email. That should also been completely different. It should have been easy to add emails to a task and a subtask and not only to project. And if email is required. Why not start sensing an email directly from Asana so this is also logged into asana.


VOTE for this up the top!
More people are replying and contributing to suggestions than there are people voting for the feature :slight_smile:


Thanks @Tim_Cox for the reminder!! Here is how you can vote for this feature in 2 clicks:

  • Click on “Aug 9” in the timeline on the right hand side of your screen > This will automatically bring you up to very top of this thread
  • In the top left corner, click on “Vote” and you’re all done!