More intuitive ways to create dependency between tasks in timeline?

I like the new timeline feature. To create dependencies between tasks, it would be nice if there were a graphical method (e.g., dragging from a circle within the rectangle of one task onto that of another). Right now it’s a lot of clicking.

I guess this is a minor thing but it would be a great timesaver!

Hi Jeremy,
Timeline is a new feature then I guess Asana will improve it in the next few months.
Nevertheless, until they modifiy the way to set dependencies, you can use Instagantt to set up dependencies by dragging a circle as you mention. Synchronization is automatic between Asana and Instagantt.

Thanks for the suggestion! I will use the feature in instagantt…

I just discovered that you can now easily set up dependencies directly from the Timeline by dragging a little blue circle: :tada: :slight_smile:

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That’s awesome!

This is awesome. This addition makes both timeline and task dependencies so much more useful.

This is great! Do you know how I can set up auto move dependencies when a task is moved to a later completion date?