Monospace font in comments

Trying to work around a lack of tables, I resorted to attempting to use monospaced font and padding my data with spaces. Reference to this guide: How to format text | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

Problems encountered:

  1. There’s no UI button in the text formatting I can see to set the text to monospaced
  2. The markdown backtick is inconsistent, after being used once in the comment seems to never work again.
  3. The cmd-shift-m keyboard shortcut conflicts with Chrome’s account management and brings up my user profile.


For some reason, I’m not running into your #2 and #3 issues (current Chrome on Mac).

FWIW, I wrote this post a long time ago about inserting tables in Asana task descriptions which, if it still works, should work in Comments too:

You can create real tables in Asana but only in the Overview Project Brief currently.

Hope that might be of some help,


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