Modifying Portfolio/Project Status

We would like to modify project status settings to include more or different status options than the three default “On Track”, “At Risk”, or “Off Track” per portfolio. For instance, we would like to replace those three on a portfolio we use to keep track of web projects and ideally we would be able to use more granular status settings of “Internal Review”, “With Freelancer”, “With Client”, “Finalized”.

I understand that we can create custom fields, which we have done. However, the Status field takes up quite a bit of room in the portfolio view, so our custom field becomes truncated and difficult to see at-a-glance. Another way for us to deal with this would be to hide the default Status column and replace it with our custom “Module Status” field.

I looked through the documentation and couldn’t find a way to do that. We’re pretty new to Asana, so I may have overlooked it. Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.

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