Customization of update status/progress icons as my own list



Hi, I am user of premium plan.
Can you helping me out in anyway if it is possible for us to customize the latest status , Where i can add my own list (Attached) in place of ‘Set a status Options:- On track, At Risk, Off Risk’.
This saves a lot of time to get a quick outlook on project progress in our own understanding.

Thanks !


Hi @Pranjul_Sharmaz and welcome the Forum!

Unfortunately as it stands, it is not possible to modify these options but I have gone ahead and moved your thread to the #productfeedback category to allow you and other users to vote for this feature request!


Hi @Marie,

Thanks for your response, How many users vote required for adding this feature or On what basis we can get this feature into Asana- Projects ?


Hi @Pranjul_Sharma;

You can learn more about votes in the Forum in this handy post :slight_smile: