Customization of Update Status options / Icons

It would be amazing if we could customize the Update Status green, yellow and red Icons.

Idea: If you could customize with photos imagine the project manager with a satisfaction face if it was green, a not so confident face for yellow and a “oh ****” for red.

I think it would be amazing, be helpfull to make bounds between workers and for team build in general.



Love this idea @Miguel_Simoes, that would be fun! :grin:

I find that my clients are always reluctant to use anything but green in their status updates. The term “at risk” seems to make everyone nervous so it would be great if there was a way to change the terms used or just not have the words since each company’s definition of green/yellow/red will be slightly different. Smiley (and non-so-smiley) faces would also work.


Hi, I am user of premium plan.
Can you helping me out in anyway if it is possible for us to customize the latest status , Where i can add my own list (Attached) in place of ‘Set a status Options:- On track, At Risk, Off Risk’.
This saves a lot of time to get a quick outlook on project progress in our own understanding.

Thanks !

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Hi @Pranjul_Sharmaz and welcome the Forum!

Unfortunately as it stands, it is not possible to modify these options but I have gone ahead and moved your thread to the #productfeedback category to allow you and other users to vote for this feature request!

Hi @Marie,

Thanks for your response, How many users vote required for adding this feature or On what basis we can get this feature into Asana- Projects ?

Hi @Pranjul_Sharma;

You can learn more about votes in the Forum in this handy post :slight_smile:

We would like to modify project status settings to include more or different status options than the three default “On Track”, “At Risk”, or “Off Track” per portfolio. For instance, we would like to replace those three on a portfolio we use to keep track of web projects and ideally we would be able to use more granular status settings of “Internal Review”, “With Freelancer”, “With Client”, “Finalized”.

I understand that we can create custom fields, which we have done. However, the Status field takes up quite a bit of room in the portfolio view, so our custom field becomes truncated and difficult to see at-a-glance. Another way for us to deal with this would be to hide the default Status column and replace it with our custom “Module Status” field.

I looked through the documentation and couldn’t find a way to do that. We’re pretty new to Asana, so I may have overlooked it. Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.


Any updates on this? I was thinking the same thing. Being able to change “Status” of portfolios, especially on iOS would be amazing.


I haven’t gotten any updates on this, unfortunately

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I would like this feature. In my case, it would be nice to see an “On Hold” or “Waiting” status. Projects that are on hold don’t really fit into “On Track”, “At Risk”, or “Off Track”.


Hi all,
With remote working :mask: increasing for everyone :computer:, the project status update :chart_with_upwards_trend:is now becoming a lot more used by teams. I noticed that the given status updates are: On Track / At Risk / Off Track

I recognise that this is using the RAG system :vertical_traffic_light:. The wording used is something I do not feel comfortable with. We use the RAG system for R = At Risk / A = in Progress / G = Complete. We also use grey = on hold.

If would be really helpful if ASANA would allow project owners to select the types / names of Status Updates to be used - Either by making this editable on project by project basis - or by allowing us to create a library of status updates ‘language’ which we can choose from as wel start building a project.

thoughts :thinking:?


Hi @Rashad_Issa :wave: Thank you for sharing this great and illustrated feedback with us!

There is an existing thread regarding this topic so I’m merging your post with it to consolidate feedback. Don’t forget to cast your vote!

In the meantime, a workaround for this could be to create a Status custom field within the Organization using the language and system that suits you best or to modify your current status custom field (if any) to add “In Progress” and “Complete” options.

I hope this helps Rashad. Have a nice day and stay safe! :pray:t5:

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Yes - please, please, please either make the RAG status editable or at min add ‘on hold’ ‘blocked’ ‘complete’. When building global dashboards, adding in another custom field doesn’t work, especially if it conflicts with the RAG selected.


Hi @Natalia,

My manager is asking the same question - how to custom edit the options, including adding an “On Hold” option to the Project Status field in project Progress? I don’t understand what you mean by creating a custom field for those options. Wouldn’t it be confusing to have the default Project Status drop-down and then another one with custom fields? If you see a more elegant solution, please do spell it out for us.

Thank you

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Is there a way to edit the On-Track, At-Risk, Off-Track statuses on a project?
I know you can go in and edit your comments, but you can’t go in and change this without creating a new status.
Please let me know if I’m missing something!

Hi @anon3716355, welcome to the forum and thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us!

It’s currently not possible to edit the fields On-Track, At-Risk, Off-Track after you update your project status. You can edit the comments but not the status. I’ve gone ahead and sent your feedback to our team in charge of the Voice of the Customer program so it can be considered in future updates. I’ve also slightly updated the title to make it more discoverable for other users. I hope you don’t mind!

Thank you!

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Hi folks,

We’re excited to announce a new “On Hold” status for your Project and Portfolio status update! You can now choose from “On Track”, “At Risk”, “Off Track” and “On hold”.

We hope that you enjoy this update, don’t hesitate to let us know in #tipsandtricks if you have any questions or in #productfeedback if you have comments you’d like to share with us!

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This is wonderful and a welcomed update to have ‘on hold’.
I do however cast my vote as well for the ability to customise the naming of them, using language that better suit my project or my organisation.

It would also be cool to have an option for ‘ahead of target’ or ‘exceeding target’ or ‘ahead of a schedule’ words to that effect, because sometimes it would be good to show that we are more than on track and that would deserve a celebration :wink: