Portfolios - Almost There

Welcome to the Forum @Jamie_Russell1 and thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

We generally recommend to create one thread per feedback as it is easier for users to upvote for the specific feature request and for us to follow-up on.

We have a couple of existing threads with more information and requesting those features. I suggest you to update here:

Product feedback:

Features available:

  • You can currently update your Portfolio status and also your project status: New! Portfolio Status Update
  • You can certainly update the default template and customize the tiles. Please find more details in this article
  • The project due date or date range in your portfolio is associated with the project due date and date range you see in your project Progress tab but it’s currently not possible to disable this feature.

I hope this helps, but please, feel free to create a new thread regarding Portfolios if you believe these threads don’t represent your suggestion. Have a great day!