Can custom fields in the portfolio be visible in the project itself as well

When you have projects in a portfolio, there is the field ‘Status’ where you can set the status to ‘on track, at risk, off track, on hold, or complete.’ This status is then visible in the project itself at the top as well as in the portfolio. You can then filter the projects in the portfolio by status.

My question is, is there a way to either customize that status field or make the custom fields we create in the portfolio view visible when you go into the project as well? My team would like to add the phase each project is in and have that be visible in the portfolio view but it would be helpful to just update that when we’re in the project itself.

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Welcome, @Aleisha_Maifert,

Yes to both!

The Status is found in the project by clicking the Overview tab and then clicking the latest status shown in the right column; you can navigate all prior status in that dialog.

Custom fields from the portfolio are also visible in the project. Click the project’s project actions menu and choose Edit project details:


and you’ll see and can edit all custom field values from the portfolio here too.


Hey Larry,

Thanks for your response! That’s helpful. Is there a way to move that custom field so it’s visible at the top of the project next to ‘Set Status’ so you don’t have to go into edit project to see it?


Thanks, @Aleisha_Maifert, and sorry, but no way to change where Asana shows the project-level custom fields.

Hey @lpb ,

Well noted! Is is possible to update the ‘Set Status’ options to our own? Or is that by chance something noted to look into for an Asana update?

It would be great to see what phase or stage our projects are at a quick glance when you’re within the project since they don’t really follow the standard 5 default status’s.

Sorry, @Aleisha_Maifert, it’s not possible to customize the Status options, but you can vote for that here: