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@Marie Not really sure where this topic fits as it is about the forum rather than the product -

I often use the forum to get some good ideas on how to improve the way I use Asana and this has proved very beneficial. However, I use both my iPhone and iPad frequently when I am away from my desk or travelling. Because the mobile app works differently in many cases (like - can’t copy a task) the tips and tricks are not relevant and the feedback seems to get a bit lost. I think it might be useful to have a section of the forum that covers just mobile app issues, tips and tricks. :thinking:

Hi @Ruth_Newnham

That’s a brilliant idea; I’ll definitely look into this closer into the next coming weeks! In the meantime, we already have a part of our Guide dedicated to Mobile, thought you’d find it helpful :slight_smile:


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Great idea @Ruth_Newnham you got my vote…


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