Mobile app crashes- no support!

Asana app just started crashing iOS tried deleting z as nd reinstalling - no fix!

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Hi @Karen12 ,
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Please follow the steps below:

  • Clear cache & data from the Asana app
  • Then uninstall it
  • Now restart your device
  • Install it again from the app store
  • Now log in to your account

I hope after following the above steps, you issue will be solved!

There is no where I can see to clear the cashe within the app!???

I deleted and reinstalled but still quits immediately after launching it.

Seems like it stays open for a bit longer under tasks. The second you switch to inbox instant :boom: crash.

Please excuse any typos

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Hi @Karen12,
Please make sure that you have the latest iPhone updates on your device and you can follow this article to clear cache & data from the app.

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