Asana on iOS for iPhone and iPad frustratingly

Asana on iOS for iPhone and iPad has become frustratingly slow. I have turned my phone/ipad off and on. I have logged out and back in. I logged out, turned my devices back on, and logged back in. I have deleted the Asana app, reinstalled, and repeated the above. Nothing seems to work.

When I log back in after logging out or after deleting and reinstalling, the app works well until I close the app and re-open.

Any ideas what could be up, how to fix, or both?

Hey @Julian_C_Gomez, if you have followed all troubleshooting steps here, I recommend to contact support

I have been having the same issue since about 5 days and I already contacted support so they can figure out what is going on. On my end it basically freezes the whole time.
I have a feeling it might have to do with the new iOS update… but then again on my other phone with an older version it also does not work.

So yeah all I can recommend at the moment if the troubleshooting does not work is to reach out to support

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