Asana loading super slow on the website and app interface

Using chrome broswer - Asana has recently started lagging to the point of slow load screens and inability to type a sentence or even change simple drop downs.

I’ve rarely had problems - the interface is normally very responsive but the last few days its been consistently problematic.

Ive read through the forum, Ive turned off all extensions and rebooted my machine several times to face the same issues.

Edit here -
I was starting to get frustrated with the browser interface reacting so slowly - I opted to try downloading the app - which is moving even slower than the interface.

In trying to remove a task from a single project the delay has been anywhere from 2-5 minutes in the app alone - and one of the reasons I usually use the web interface.
Saying this to confirm it is not a browser based issue - speed test I have no issues with connectivity and other sites apps and streeaming are all fine and fast at the time of this report.

Any additional advice here is appreciated - this seems to be a regular problem across the forum so I’m hoping there is a temporary local outage?



You can refer to this comment by @Rebecca_McGrath Asana Loading Slowly overall - #3 by Rebecca_McGrath for help.

Maybe it was a temporary outage!

I have this problem and not resolved by support. Can you point me to a fix. It happens in any browser. Lag escalates and I have to re load the browser to clear every 10 minutes of editing in asana.

I have been in contact with the support myself, they say that they haven’t really had any complains other than us. For us it also gets to a point we have to reload the app several times a day.

OK, I’ll keep investigating and share any progress

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I have the same issue. Have to reload Asana App constantly. Contacted support, but not helped me. They said “Our developer team will look at your complain” and thats all. It lags after 5-10 minutes after reload, and than opening a custom field with priority (4 items there) could take seconds!

We are still discussing with them ourselves, things are not better (yet).

You can add me to the list of slowing down the browser when using Asana. It constantly spins up the drive, almost to the point of freezing the screen.

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I’ve been experiencing this intermittently as well.
I’ve got it running as a web app in Edge on Windows 11.

We are still talking with the support, I still have the issue.

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I have the same issue - this can take 10 minutes to load. It is intermittent on Chrome, no problems if I use Safari (which I don’t wish to use for other reasons).

In my case the issue is on Safari so not browser related I believe…

I’m facing the same loading issue and wonder if anybody got the same error message as I did? (Trying to reconnect. Changes will be synced once your connection is restored.)

Once in a while the connection would restore but as soon as I reload the page, it will continue to load for another few minutes :frowning:

I’ve been having the same issues since March 2023 2022. I’m on Windows 11 and using Chrome. It’s marginally better if I use Edge.

Asana is incredibly slow for me, and has been for about a week. Internet speed good. Desktop app and Asana web across Chrome and Safari are lagging terribly.

Is anyone else experiencing this or able to offer any help? My entires business is on Asana and being affected badly.


Yes it is lagging more than it used to. @Roman_iDO didn’t you notice yesterday as well?

It’s mostly working fine for me, just had a 1 min freeze yesterday around 3 PM (GMT +2).

Nothing compared to what Georgia is describing. I find that Chrome is the most reliable browser for Asana.

Oh wow, I got that one, too. This makes Asana literally unusable.

Loading Asana in the Icognito Mode of the browser helps. But obviously not as a long term solution.

I have encountered that problem with the desktop app for several weeks now. Not everyday, but sufficiently frequently to become an impediment to my work.
Other app/website load well. I will check with the network team again. But would appreciate some check on your side. Thanks !