Mixing free and Business or Premium accounts

I volunteer with a non-profit that has become an extensive user of Asana. For security reasons those of us who aren’t employees don’t have domain email accounts with our names. Instead a few of us on each team share a volunteer email account. Also volunteers use their own free Asana accounts when working on the non-profit’s projects. Non-Profit employees all have Business Asana accounts.

What are the limitations of mixing account types on projects? What happens when a project includes premium features such as forms? Can a free account see the forms, open the forms, complete a form?

Is it possible for Volunteers to upgrade their personal Asana accounts to business accounts and then have full access to all the non-profit’s project features?

Thank you in advance for your advice!!


Hi @Meg_Middaugh1 welcome to the forum! :wave:

Great question! While you should be able to see and use premium features ,there are certain limits to your functionality as a guest in an upgraded space. Custom fields in a project are visible, for example, however you wont be able to edit, or create custom fields. The post below might be helpful to reference in this regard.

Regard your specific question about forms, as a guest: you can see the form! In fact, the form can be shared to anyone with an internet connection. They do not even need to be a member of Asana to submit a form.

That said, premium plans are only be applied to an Asana space (as opposed to an individual account) so unfortunately you’re not able to upgrade your account for use in another space.

Let me know if you have additional questions Meg!

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