Migrating multiple workspaces into one organization workspace

We recently found out multiple departments at our business use Asana separately and we weren’t aware of it. When we each signed up, there wasn’t yet an organization workspace for our domain.

Is there any way that we can migrate our tasks form our individual workspaces into the unified organization workspace, preferably also making our tasks separated into “Teams?”

Sorry if this isn’t the right location for this post, I wasn’t sure which category best suited this question.

Not within Asana itself but there is a handy free tool that lets you move a project from one workspace to another:


Once it’s in the organization workspace, you can move the project into whatever Team you’d like.


Thanks for sharing this Phil. I may give this a shot!

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Hi @Seth_Stevenson, I too had the exact same issue. I used the https://asana.kothar.net/ and it worked like a charm. Just wanted to vote for it and let you know…

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Thanks Salman. Good to know! We haven’t decided to make the switch yet but I’ll keep this in mind.