Migrating a Template or Project between two Organizations



My company that used Asana very effectively was acquired and I would like to migrate certain projects and templates into my parent company’s Asana. When I log-in I can access both accounts, but I can’t figure out how to either copy & paste the projects, or export to .csv and import in the new Asana. It just comes out as numbers/gibberish/errors when I import. Please help!


Here is your savior http://kothar.net/organise_asana This is the unofficial way, there is no official way :+1:


I agree. @Kate_Kerins, I had to migrate some projecs not long ago and kothar was incredibly easy to use. It shouldn’t take you too long at all.


Thank you so much!!!


Hey @Renata_Fallon! Just adding a quick detail here; Kothar will not carry over the “template” status, so once you copied your projects into your parent company, you might have to save the projects as templates again by selecting “save as a template” in the drop-down menu next to your project title :slight_smile: