Can you migrate a project into another project?

Here’s the context: We are rolling out a company-wide 1:1 meeting template in Asana, but some teams have been recording their 1:1’s already in Asana in their own templates/projects. For all the data that’s in the existing 1:1 project, is there a way or a workaround to migrate all that data into the new 1:1 template?

Any ideas are appreciated, thank you!


If you’re on Asana Enterprise, you could consider using the Bundles feature which may or may not be suitable for your needs.

Otherwise, I’d recommend the owner of each existing 1:1 project be responsible for multi-homing (add to project) tasks that should migrate. You can multi-select all tasks (up to 50 at a time) or go section-by-section and add them to the newly created 1:1 project for you, potentially directly into the appropriate section there.



Thank you so much for your swift reply! We are on Asana Enterprise, and have actually never used the Bundles feature, so I will check that out. Your other workaround sounds great too. I appreciate it!

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