Migrate Todoist to Asana

Hello there,

I would like to ask if there is an easy way to migrate all open tasks from Todoist to Asana?

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@Marc from Unito, maybe you have something up your sleeve for this? :thinking::slight_smile:

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Hey Giorgos, Unito would be a great tool for migrating all your tasks from one tool to Asana. However, we don’t support Todoist at the moment. If you do need to migrate other apps such as Wrike, Trello or GitHub etc., you are welcome to check out our website or talk to one of our support staff. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Giorgos_Noulikas

I would recommend:

  1. Download a CSV of your desired Project Tasks from Todoist (guide here)

  2. Import the CSV(s) with Import2 Wizard into Asana

We have a helpful guide on mapping fields into Asana, but you can check out how simple it is here:

Hope that helps!

(Disclaimer: I work for Import2 Wizard)

Ashley - I just did the CSV export of my lists from ToDoist and started the Import2 import to Asana but its insanely cumbersome. ToDoist exported all of my lists as 15 different CSV files and the Importer is making me do one at a time and wants me to manually map all of these fields and I’m super confused about what field maps to what. is there an easier way to do this?!?! I cant even get one mapped let alone 15.

All for the low, low price of $500. Hahaha.

Ha ha, I’m with you John. To be fair though, when this was originally written Import2 had a free tier…used it for some Hubspot export stuff and then soon after it was insanely expensive!

I’d love to know if anyone has a more up to date suggestion for those of us who don’t have bottomless wallets.

We use Zoho One so I’m tempted to try and figure out some sort of Zoho Flow (just like Zapier but not as robust) or even a Zapier integration maybe…I guess to make anything like that work you’d have to do “something” to trigger those integrations, like editing tasks in mass. My initial thought would be to add a label in Todoist called something like “Migrate” and have Zoho Flow or Zapier watch for tasks with that label and move them into Asana.

It’s just a preliminary thought…

Also, I noticed that Import2 has a stand alone CSV tool now (https://www.csvloader.com/) that offers a 14 day free trial…so as long as you were doing a complete migration maybe it could be done within that 14 day time period. Even after that the tool has a more palatable basic tier of $20/mo.

Zapier has transfer menu.
And you can select an Excel (backup of a Todoist project) as a source, and Asana as a target. Zapier helps the mapping from Excel column to Asana property step by step. Also you can preview and select which rows of Excel to be transferred.
Fortunately you can use transfer option of your free Zapier account.

Did you try it yourself? works great?