Migrate Google Drive attachments to Sharepoint/Onedrive

Hello and thanks for having a look! Our organization is in the planning process of migrating from Google to Microsoft 365 and there is a myriad of tasks out there that have linked attachments from Google drive. I believe the tool we’ll be using for the migration will provide a one to one list/database of Google Drive Urls to Microsoft converted URLs in the migration. Is it possible to parse all user tasks or organization tasks and search for Asana attachments that had matching Google links from the conversion database and update them with their new Microsoft Sharepoint/OneDrive counterparts? Is there a tool out there that does this already? :crossed_fingers: :grimacing:

Thanks again!


I don’t believe there is a tool, that’s a very specific request :slight_smile:

The search endpoint of the API has a has_attachment attribute that will help when looking for tasks to migrate. Then you can read each task attachment, and use a mapping table somewhere to decide which file to re-upload. What I am not sure about is the ability to attach a Sharepoint document using the Asana API. @Phil_Seeman any insights?

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Sorry, attachments are one thing I’ve not worked with in the API so I don’t have any specific suggestions. I concur with what Bastien said - I think you’ll need to write your own solution. And I don’t see anything about SharePoint in the API so I don’t think there’s anything “built in” to handle SharePoint documents.

On the other hand, you can directly migrate Google drive to Sharepoint/Onedrive using third-party tools like Gs Richcopy 360, GoodSync, or Sharegate, all are automated tools, and these work quickly and easily.


You can also checkout Kernel Migrator for SharePoint tool for hassle free migration of data from Google Drive to SharePoint/Onedrive.

Thanks for your suggestions, so no need to download and re-upload if I use any of these tools, right?

Yes , you can use Gs Richcopy 360, GoodSync, or Sharegate to migrate frome Google drive to Sharepoint or Onedrive directly without having to download and reupload .