Method to let users like a task multiple times

Here’s our use case:
We have a feature request board where our customer success managers (CSMs) submit requests on behalf of our clients. We want to have a mechanism where CSMs can indicate how often they get the feature requested by our clients. So for example, 1 CSM might want to vote for a feature on behalf of 3 of their clients. We want to prioritize feature requests based on the number of clients that have requested a feature.

Sooo basically we would want something like the “like” function, but for individual users to be able to like tasks more than once, e.g.: a CSM has 3 clients that ask for a feature, so they would “like” it 3 times.

Anyone have any ideas on how to make this work? My assumption is the only way to do it would be to use a number field and have the CSMs increase the number by the number of clients who have requested something … but it just seems like the “like” functionality would be so much easier.


We talked with @Arthur_BEGOU and @Julien_RENAUD about a similar use case yesterday. Our idea was to either use a number field like you said or code something.

Coding something would mean triggering an automation when a like is made, and that automation would increase a counter then removing the like.

You could do it with Zapier, let me know if you need a bit of guidance.