Merged Account Identification

Can determination if an account email is part of a merged account be identified in the API. I have a workspace and an organization that Asana has told me that at one time I apparently merged albeit they do stand as distinct spaces. My workspace email cannot be an assignee or follower of my organization account and visa versa. It will allow the entry of an email address and send invite but it never happens. Thus the question and is the activity I am experiencing on assignee and follower accurate. I know @Joe_Trollo @Bastien_Siebman @lpb @Phil_Seeman @Jeff_Schneider to be very knowledgeable. Any help greatly appreciated.

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Thanks, @James_Carl, but I’m afraid I can’t help here; I’ve been scared to merge any accounts unless I know I want to keep them merged because I don’t understand whether or how de-merging would work. (I’d considered temporary merge in order to use Kothar but found another manual solution instead.)

@lpb Larry, actually I stumbled across the problem because of the cross organizational/workspace copy of task between merged spaces. It is very unusual that the target space changes the names of assignee and followers in merged organizations. I tested this with Kothar also and had the same results. So I was thinking if you knew two or more email addresses are part of a merged organization you might be able to code around it.

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Hi @James_Carl and apologies for the delay in responding to you!

Could you please reach out directly to our support team? They will be able to take a closer look at your account and to reply to your questions more accurately! Make sure to reference this thread in your email, so you don’t have to repeat everything! You probably know how to reach out to them, but just in case, here are the steps :slight_smile: