Merge Multiple Projects and Make Each Project a Different Task Under 1 Parent Project?

I would like to make a new project titled “Courses” for example.

Afterward, I would like to take multiple projects and merge them together, change them into one task board under the Course Project.

Can that be done?

And if so, how would I go about doing it? Thanks.

Hi @Jennifer10,

From what I have seen/know, you can turn tasks into projects, but not projects into tasks. You can have tasks cross-listed between two projects (an option under the “…” on a task, or where you see “Project” when you open the details on a task, you should find an “X” to delete from a project, or a “+” to add it to another project). When you add to a new project in this fashion, you can even direct the tasks to a specific section of the target project. This is also a great way to move tasks between projects.

As a potential solution to your issue, on your “Courses” project, you could name the sections as the other projects you wanted to merge, and cross list the tasks from the original project under those sections or just use that as a way to move the tasks over.

Hope this helps you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Something that is often done is to have a list of projects as tasks, and inside each task you have an @-mention towards the actual project. That way you can organize the “project as task” however you like. Does it help?

@mckenna.brewer good summary of the possibilities!