MEMBERS section of Admin page does not load

I need to remove members from my team. I am the admin. I believe I have a free “educational” account (I am a professor).
The admin page appears, and all panels work normally…except the “Members” panel. The page is blank and I see a loading “spinner” animation, and the page never refreshes of shows the members.

I have a new group of students which will be taking on both existing projects and new projects that I will create. I desperately need to remove the old students and invite the new group of students.



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In this case if none of the troubleshooting steps help then I recommend reaching out to support and they should be able to assist.

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Same issue my end. I’m thus assuming it is an Asana server-side issue. Does anyone know of it?

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@Zoltán_Summerfield - they haven’t reported anything (you can check status here) and I’m not experiencing the same issue, so perhaps it’s over, a localized issue, or something else?

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I’m having the same troubles, have you figured it out yet how to manage teams?

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Still hasn’t been sorted yet, here in the UK

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Has this issue been sorted out for you?

It seems to be working now. It was definitely a problem on Asana’s end because I didn’t do anything on my computer to try and fix it (except clear my browser cache several days ago, which didn’t solve the problem.)

For what it’s worth, this is the way to deprovision a member without using the Admin console, as long as you and that member belong in the same team:

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