Members / Guests status swap

Wondering if anyone knows if there’s a way to convert Guests to Members and vice-versa, without having to Remove them and re-add?

Hi @Peter_Ortblad

Guests and Members are defined by there email domain. Guests being outside of your organisation email domain. And members within you email domain.

So if a Guests adds an email address from your domain to there Asana account they will become a member.



I understand @Peter_Ortblad : why isn’t there a function to upgrad guests to members and the other way round (that’s probably a bit more complicated for ASANA to realize)???

As you said @Jason_Woods there is a workaround to get a guest to a regular member. But I think thats not the way, ASANA planned it to have.

And in my opinion, there is one big pain point about this :x::
the disicion that a guest becomes a member should be done and realized by an administrator of the company. :nerd_face: But the admin is not able to add an additional email adress with the company domain.
BUT the guest can add this email address. So the guest can decide to add an additional address and change íts status to member.

When there exists a workaround it should be possible to integrate this as a permanent function for admins as well. And I guess it’s a regular workcase which almost every company needs to do some time.

But what if that doesn’t work?
My new employee has the same email domain as the rest of us, but he can only be guest and not member, in fact I can’t invite anyone as a member. Does any of you guys have this issue? or do I miss a function somewhere?

I need to share the project views with my clients.
They do not need access to modify the workplan.
I tried adding them as free “Users” or “Guests” per the features list on the pricing page. I should have unlimited “Guests”
They do not have the same domain email as me.

I am paying for Premium, which forces me to pay for a minimum of 2 “Members” although I am the only person using the Asana features.

I received a note that I have more “Members” than my paid subscription.

I want to add people who can view but not modify the plan.
How do I do this?
What are they called?
Where do I find the place to add them, exactly, step-by-step.
Apparently I added them as “Limited Members” shouldn’t this be free, per the features list?

thank you!

Hey @Sara_Duckler,

do you have an org or a workspace?
In a free plan team can have up to 15 users.
If you want them to only have view access then one option would be comment access only.

Or another way is to share project read only links:

Hey @Martin_Bjørn_Christi
were you able to solve the issue?
Maybe you only had an upgraded team and not full org?

I have a paid plan- I believe I said so in my note.

I added them as comment only.

As a PAID member do I lose access to this? The pricing plan says I DO have unlimited guests or whatever Asana wants to call them.

I need view-only.

Thank you!

I purchased a plan and the only way I could figure out how to start a new project was a “Workspace” how else can I have a project for my own, paid company account? I’ve been invited into others’ account so I needed a way to keep my own project separate from theirs…

The Asana jargon does not make any sense to me:

Read-only links are a shareable, view-only link that you can create for your timeline, list, calendar, and board views in public projects within Asana organizations, but are not available in workspaces. Read-only links dynamically reflect the latest updates on projects and provide a living source of truth for all cross-functional teams to stay aligned.

is that a joke? ^

I don’t know what “upgraded team” means. but I paid for a plan and should have unlimited Guest access. How do I get that?
do I move my project out of a Workspace? I don’t know what that means.


No you will still have full access. Only the people you added with comment only access won‘t be able to edit things anymore then.

Have a look here that explains the difference between org and workspace.

Who takes up seats in a paid plan:

  • In paid Workspaces, everyone counts towards your paid plan, Members and Limited Access Members (regardless of your email domain)
  • In teams, Organizations and Divisions, members with a corporate email domain (full Members and Limited Access Members) take up seats in the plan
  • Guests who do not share the corporate email domain do not count towards the paid plan and are free

In your case you‘d have to upgrade to a paid org to get unlimited free users.
I definitely recommend reaching out to support as they will be able to assist you best: How to contact our Support Team ✉