Members / Guests status swap

Wondering if anyone knows if there’s a way to convert Guests to Members and vice-versa, without having to Remove them and re-add?

Hi @Peter_Ortblad

Guests and Members are defined by there email domain. Guests being outside of your organisation email domain. And members within you email domain.

So if a Guests adds an email address from your domain to there Asana account they will become a member.



I understand @Peter_Ortblad : why isn’t there a function to upgrad guests to members and the other way round (that’s probably a bit more complicated for ASANA to realize)???

As you said @Jason_Woods there is a workaround to get a guest to a regular member. But I think thats not the way, ASANA planned it to have.

And in my opinion, there is one big pain point about this :x::
the disicion that a guest becomes a member should be done and realized by an administrator of the company. :nerd_face: But the admin is not able to add an additional email adress with the company domain.
BUT the guest can add this email address. So the guest can decide to add an additional address and change íts status to member.

When there exists a workaround it should be possible to integrate this as a permanent function for admins as well. And I guess it’s a regular workcase which almost every company needs to do some time.

But what if that doesn’t work?
My new employee has the same email domain as the rest of us, but he can only be guest and not member, in fact I can’t invite anyone as a member. Does any of you guys have this issue? or do I miss a function somewhere?