Meeting Agendas: Custom Fields and ordering items

I saw the other forum post about the “Sort by Project” functionality being removed from Tags. This is unfortunate, as it’s how our company has been handling our weekly staff meeting agenda - just Tag for “Agenda” and sort by project - easy, and no double work!

I’m looking at making the move to Custom Fields, now that the tags are no longer recommended (and sounds like they may be on the way out). However, with either Tags OR Custom Fields, once we run the advanced search report and save it, there is no ability to manually reorder tasks like we could before. I also cannot decipher any rhyme or reason to the way the tasks are pulling in/sorting under each individual project.

We used to be able to manually reorder the individual tasks on our Agenda page. I would understand if they came in in the same order they occur within the Project itself, but they do not. Does anyone have any tips or tricks for this?

If not, how do you handle adding Project tasks to something useable as a meeting agenda?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Following for a reply by Asana. This issue turned our VERY EXPENSIVE weekly staff meeting into a hot mess. Not happy right now.

Following up in hopes that someone from Asana could please shed some light here.

Anyone? I’ve tried to reach out to Asana through the app itself, and here - would really appreciate a response. Especially if it contains some direction on how report results order themselves when using custom fields and then sorting by project.